3 Culprits Responsible For Stubborn Fat Loss

The 3 factors that make fat loss so difficult for most individuals are inflammation, toxins and hormones. There are emerging research showing how this 3 factors, once managed, can result in better health and lower body fat levels.

About 10 years ago it would be unprofessional for fitness professional to mention the existence of "stubborn fat". Our view was that the clients were either eating more than they needed or not burning enough.

That was law and it could not be challenged.

Fast forward 10 years, and not only are there more and more evidence that ' calories in calories out' isn't the only approach to fat loss but there are emerging evidence that other factors could influence fat loss.

Inflammation has now been linked to a host of health issues ranging from dementia to heart disease. In fact we have a solution where fat gain contributes to inflammation and inflammation in turn contributing to fat gain. This vicious cycle keeps occurring resulting in individuals struggling with fat loss. One of the things I look for when assessing clients that suffer from inflammation that could possibly be the root of their issues is joint pain. Depending on the severity of the pain i generally recommend ginger or fish oil to confirm this assumption. Of course a basic blood test would be able to confirm the severity of the inflammation through the test.

Toxins have long been in our lives and sometimes individuals will come to accept symptoms of toxicity as part and puzzle of growing old. One such example was my experience with mild toxicity. After suffering from sinusitis and having undergone 2 nose operations and what seemed like a lifetime of anti-histamines I started doing an intense detox regiment. Within 6 months my sinusitis disappeared. Depending on the severity of the inflammation in individual I would adjust the approach to support the liver in the detoxification process.

Hormones are the trickiest. As hormones are generally regulated by the body, trying to optimize one part of the puzzle would almost always affect another. Here a fairly detailed blood test would be helpful and usually based on the results it could be safe to assume which aspect needs attention.

Hormones have a very strong influence on fat loss and fat gain. In fact just having elevated estrogen levels could result in fat accumulation around the hips. In such a case i would advice my clients to consume as much cauliflower and broccoli.

As you can tell fat loss is a little more complicated and should be appreciated. Dealing with this by simply cutting back calories and increasing activity is negligent on the part of the fitness professional. Spending more time to understand to issues being faced by the client and monitoring the clients closely will not only result in better results for the clients but also an improvement in their health.

I hope in 10 years time,

we look back and see this period as the turning point in our battle against obesity.

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