3 Stages of Fat Loss

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Lets look at the 3 stages of fat loss. There's fat release, fat transportation and fat utilisation. Try seeing this from a logging perspective.

Lets say your fat cells are like the trees in a forest. Releasing fat cells are like chopping down the trees. And the loggers are like signals that tell the fat cells to release its contents. In the body a few things can encourage or discourage this process. Sugar is a good example of how the body can be discourage to release fat. And caffeine is a good example of how we can encourage fat release. The next thing we need to do is transport those trees into the factories. In this case the more roads or more trucks going into the factories the more productive. By improving circulation through dilation and increase the transportation thru increase in L-carnitine can we maximize this stage. The last stage, fat utilisation, is the easier part. Just like the more factories you have the more wood you can process, the more cellular factories, mitochondria, the more fat you burn.

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