5 Dirty Tricks For Extreme Fat Loss in 60 Days

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Sometimes desperate times calls for desperate measures. Now obviously you will here the usual warnings on how losing weight too fast can be detrimental to the health and just down right malnourishing. Well it doesn’t have to be. In this article we will discuss the pitfalls of extreme dieting and how we can overcome it with 5 simple tricks whilst achieving insane fat loss.

Issues Of Extreme Dieting

The main issue faced with anyone dieting is the dreaded hunger. Honestly 3 hours after breakfast most people are dipping their fingers in ketchup and ready to dig in. We have all been trained to answer the call of the rumbling tummy. But think about it for a minute, we sleep 7 – 8 hours every night yet we dun wake up famished. Your sugar levels are at play here. Once they start dipping below acceptable range our brain switches to survival mode and sends us signals to eat to bring levels up back to comfortable levels.

The next issue of concern is deficiency issues. For something around 60 days you would not run into much issues. Some deficient vitamins or minerals like iodine could slow results down a bit but with a few additions of nutrient dense vegetable sand

like seaweed we can avoid any problems. The body has developed a few ways to overcome situations like this. Some vitamins are stored in our fat cells so as we start to lose weight the body releases these nutrients.

The requirement of some vitamins also goes down when carbohydrate intake drops drastically. Vitamin c needs then do drop when carbohydrate intake is severely limited. There is less need for vitamin c to undo the damage caused by high intake of carbohydrates especially the refined types.

Of all the dangers facing extreme dieting, it’s the slowing down of metabolism that could stop our progress in its tracks. The body naturally adjusts the number of calories to prevent severe physical deterioration and in severe cases, death. Obviously, the plan is to avoid all the above and to strive and maintain good health on extreme dieting.

Dirty Trick 1- Fibre

You can’t talk about dieting without mentioning fibre and for good reasons. Fibre fills you up and keeps hunger away and it adds no calories. At the same time, it pulls junk out of the body which could get rid of excess waste lingering around the colon. Just like that you will drop some substantial weight. The recommendation is around 30g fibre daily but in some studies that study the impact of fibres impact on cholesterol amount in the region of 50g and more. Fibre also helps to increase the population of healthy gut bacteria. Recent research coming out has shown that a healthy gut ecosystem helps in controlling fat gain and helps in fat loss.

Indirectly beta glucan, a form of soluble fibre has been found to improve the immune system. This is especially helpful when dieting hard as the immune system will be compromised when calories are low. Getting a good amount of fibre from low calorie sources is easy. Plenty of green leafy vegetables are very low in calories and high in fibre.

Fibre can also maintain low glucose levels. Fibre will slow the breakdown of food into the digestive system. Although the plan is to cut out carbs to drastically drop body fat, for those days when you do happen to consume carbohydrates choosing high fibre carbohydrates can prevent fat storing to an extent.

Dirty Trick 2- Fasting

What can you say about fasting that hasn’t already been said? A few years back having breakfast would have been a must do for increasing metabolism and increasing fat burning. Now it seems you can’t solve any health problem without mentioning fasting in some form or another. I personally have done only a 3-day water fast and the only reason I didn’t continue was because the high I got and the tremendous energy I had was annoying my colleagues, think Jim Carrey in the Mask times 10. God bless you guys for putting up with me.

Fasting is going to do a lot of wonderful things on this. One of the first things you’ll notice is a lack of appetite. This will come in handy during this 60 day and if you do a gentler form of fasting it will help in sustaining the fat loss and even keep it going. What I propose here is the One Meal A Day version.

OMAD (One meal A Day) allows you bragging rights to doing a 24 hour fast while at the same time allowing you to look forward to eating something daily. The choice of food will make a slight difference, but I have personally gotten away with losing 20kgs in 2 months on a foot-long subway daily. You will be psychologically hungry but that should go away in a matter of days.

Dirty Trick 3- Ketogenic Diets

Ketogenic diets are another one of those that’s been gaining quite a fair bit of traction in recent times. Like fasting, ketones are released by the body once sugar levels are depleted and body starts burning fat efficiently. There are a host of benefits with being in ketosis from the improved mental cognition to the curing cancer. Research is still going on. Ketogenic dieting will take your fasting to a whole new level. Not only will you be losing fat drastically you’ll also find yourself with a ton of energy after a few days. For those new to ketogenic diets starting of with eating a ton of oil might be a bit hard to swallow. The good thing is that your calories will be low to begin with so you wouldn’t necessarily have to force feed a ton of oil. You could ease into it with palatable options like eggs cheese and avocados.

Dirty Trick 4- VLCD

Very Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD) is generally used in hospitals prior to surgery for those who are heavy and are in danger of complications during surgery due to their weight. Calories can go as low as 500kcal but under those conditions you’ll need to be carefully monitored. For those who frequently to 24 hours fast 500kcal does seem like an indulgence. For our situation though 60 days is a rather long time to get to your goals and going below 500kcal might be a tad unnecessary. Anywhere from 800kcals to 1000kcals would be a good range. At 1000kcals, if you’re going to follow a ketogenic style of eating that’s only 100g of fat and 25g protein. Again, there are no restriction to the amount of vegetables to consume, preferably green leafy vegetables, while doing low calorie dieting.

The occasional multi vitamin and mineral would hurt but it might not be necessary either. For those exercising though you will burn through quite a fair bit vitamins and minerals so pay attention to drop in energy. That usually is a good sigh that deficiency issues are kicking in.

Dirty Trick 5- Cardio

In the next 60 days you better be doing cardio religiously every day. 2 hours a day would be optimal. An hour upon waking up and another hour just before bed. You have laid the foundation of putting your body in the fat burning zone now all you have to do is burn off those fat deposits.

It doesn’t have to be too strenuous though. All you need is a nice pace to increase your breathing and you are all good. Take note though that all the above can drop blood pressure so do be weary of dizzy spells occasionally.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it, 60 days to get in head turning shape. Its enough time to also form good eating habits. The initial days would be tough as you are trying to break bad habits. Stick with it, listen to your body and if your body is telling you to stop please stop. Drink plenty of water as your body will be flushing out toxins trap all these years in the fat cells. Get as much rest as you can and stay focused and constantly remind yourself why you’re doing in in the first place. There will be moments you would question if it’s worth it at all. I hope that after the 60 days you embrace the new you and the whole experience instills the faith that you can achieve anything you want.

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