An Old Approach To A New Problem

Updated: May 24, 2019

What is Holistic Fitness

Welcome to our page! We aim to be a source of information that’s, well, been around for many years. But in the day of information, everyone’s trying to outdo each other with the ‘newest’ information. What we want to do is bring back those holistic approaches that has served us well in the past and apply it to our fitness journey.

Holistic fitness is a concept that encompasses 2 main components. The first being the approach to resolving issues. It involves using or consuming natural products that do not harm or burden the body. The other component is a philosophical approach that has its premise that the fitness of an individual should also include mental, emotional and physical attention to achieve the highest level of fitness

Fitness has evolved and over the last few years it has taken a form that’s powerful and exciting. It is bringing people together faster than a Led Zeppelin reunion while at the same time creating more cliques. We have to thank the internet for that. Which brings us to our first post, Holistic Fitness.

We would like to think holistic fitness as the root of the fitness in its truest form. Back when we had to toil the fields and chase animals for our protein, we never gave fitness any thought. I doubt the word fitness even existed. To be fair the early Greeks did take part in athletic events bringing about the Olympics. What was happening in those early days was the perfect marriage of fitness and health. People naturally ate the right foods, had sufficient exercise and were not bingeing on Netflix till the early morning. How many of us can claim to lead such an ideal lifestyle. To simply put, nutrition and exercise came together to enhance health and mental well being first with a great body being a pleasant side effect.

Why Holistic Fitness

Approaching your fitness in this way has many benefits. From a health perspective it allows you to plan your fitness routine that includes an aerobic as well as a strength component and this has a direct impact on quite a number of health issues. It also sets you up for longer sustaining and better results as you address a wider range of issues. An example would be stress. Normally intense bout of exercise can lead to a suppressed immune system and weight gain eventually. However by implementing stress reduction techniques you are unlikely to run into such issues.

Over the last 20 years working as a personal trainer has given me a great insight into the industry. It has been evolving at such a pace. New gadgets, new theories and sometimes there have even been contradictions in that short span of time.  For someone who must educate people base on what is out there it can be terrifying. It causes us to lose our credibility at times with our clients. After all these years I decided that there had to be a better way of navigating around this and I found that there was that common denominator with all my clients. They all wanted to look good and be healthy. Not to say there weren’t clients out there looking to compete in competitions but for the most part, let’s just say no one wanted to die trying.

So how can clients achieve their goals, not die trying, and as a personal trainer no look clueless in front of my clients. Took me awhile to figure this out. Approaching fitness from a holistic perspective was a by product of my search for solutions for my clients. For instance, too address the inflammation that my clients would develop after sessions I early on recommended over the counter anti inflammation pills and creams. Eventually I felt bad for my clients for having to resort to this. I started researching a bit and I came across a ton of solutions to help with just inflammation alone. Surprisingly not only did that work better to relieve pains my clients noticed other benefits too. 

This went on for years and it covered quite a fair bit of other common issues that I took the same approach with. Eventually it got to the point my room looked like a scene from Harry Potter. Eventually it seemed that the issues could be categorize into hormonal, inflammatory and toxin based. For the last 5 years I have been basically fine tuning my approaches and getting to the root of issues faced by my clients and how to implement an effective solution.

An effective fitness plan with a holistic element will maximize

A balance lifestyle is crucial to health and wellness

your efforts in the gym whether your goals are for aesthetic reasons or health in mind. Looking at how inflammation, toxins and hormones impact your results will give you a good guide when embarking on this approach. 

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