Importance of resistance training on fat loss results

Everyone knows the importance of diet on fat loss results. Cardio is the go too even for the newbie when it comes to fat loss. Unfortunately resistance training is still met with a lot of skepticism. ironically resistance does so much more for fat loss that diet and cardio combined could not achieve.

1. Raising of metabolic rate

In a study conducted in 2009, long term resistance training resulted in an increase in energy expenditure. This energy expenditure may have a favorable impact on energy balance and fat oxidation sufficient to assist with the prevention of obesity in sedentary, overweight adults.

2. Lowers glucose levels

When resistance training is performed at sufficient intensity, glucose is used as one of the preferred fuel source. This is helpful especially for those eating a fair bit of carbs in their diet. Resistance training done around carbohydrate intake has other benefits to on muscle hypertrophy.

3. Decreases muscle triglycerides

In a study by Tesch et al. (1986), nine bodybuilders completed five sets of 5 leg exercises. Muscle biopsy revealed a 30% drop in muscle triglycerides. This suggests that intramuscular fat burning (breakdown of triglycerides) may also play a role in energy production during repeated high-intensity exercise.

Aside from the above benefits resistance training also has other benefits like increasing bone density and muscle mass. A well designed resistance training should be the cornerstone of any fat loss program.


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