You Do Not Need Exercise To Lose Body Fat

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

You heard that right! You could literally throw away your gym shoes, gym membership, cancel your discount card at Under Armour, unsubscribe to Spotify and you'l l still be able to lose body fat. Is it the best option? No. But for those who are pressed for time or due to medical reason, can't exercise, you still can lose body fat, no excuses.

For those who still follow the calorie in calorie out law like the gospel you'll realize that it is a numbers game. Take in less calories than you burn and voila, instant fat loss. Lets take a 60 kg woman. Her basal metabolic rate is roughly 1300 kcals over 24 hours period. Now if she ate 800 kcals a day, that's 3500 kcal over a week. That's a good 450g fat. Not too shabby indeed.

If it was that simple then why don't more people do that already. Well actually a lot of people do that. Slimming centers practice restricted calorie intakes, some patient who have to undergo surgery before life threatening operations have to undergo drastic weight loss before surgery practice this and even intermittent fasting has elements that naturally suppress appetite to naturally restrict calories.

We could get a dozen people and have a big discussion over this and you'll not get a clear winner. There are times when you could definitely cut back on calories to jump start a fat loss program or you're sick and cant exercise but wanna continue losing weight. Point is there are no excuses. You'll want to eat more nutritious food though. Vegetables are essential in my opinion but like everything else you'll have people who from the other end of the spectrum that claim vegetables are over rated. Especially on the topic of lectins.

Now for those who have no reasons not to exercise, should you lose body fat without exercising? Definitely not!

Exercise exerts ( pun intended) profound physiological changes in the body that can only come from punishing/pushing the body. Bone density has been found to be increased due to the triggering of resistance training. This lowers the risk of osteoporosis.

Resistance training also increases the rate at which we lose body fat. Resistance exercise triggers a mechanism that tell the body to hold on to protein in the body there by encouraging more calories being burnt as fat.

So yes you can lose fat without exercise ,but you shouldn't take this route if exercising is an option. If time is a constraint then there are other time saving options for you to enjoy losing fat and exercising.

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